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Determined to support the affected people of the Laos torrent and dam collapse ~13,000 citizens affected, 6000 yet displaced ~

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「Emergency Response to Laos floods」

Determined to support the affected people of the Laos torrent and dam collapse ~13,000 citizens affected, 6000 yet displaced ~(PDF 383KB)

Tokyo, Aug 6,2018- Japan Platform(JPF), an international emergency humanitarian aid NGO, established by the government and business communities in association with several NGOs in 2000, is determined to support the affected people of Laos dam collapse on Aug 3, 2018. There are still 6000 evacuees displaced by the disaster.

The project objectives are in the box below. The project term, budget may be readjusted based on the local situation.

Emergency Response to Laos floods

Term 3 months for initial response
Budget 25 million, government subsidies
Location Sanamxay district, Attapeu province of Southern Laos
Parties in action Good neighbors Japan (GNJP)


  • When Laos experienced a heavy rainfall due to the tropical storm Son-Tinh, on July 23 (local time). A hydropower dam that was still under construction, collapsed in the Southern Laos. More than 13000 citizens mainly in Sanamxay district of Attapeu province were affected. As reported, 13 died, 120 are missing, and 6,000 were forced to evacuate.
  • After 2 weeks from the catastrophe, there are still regions without sufficient supports from the government or from the international organizations. Therefore, JPF concluded that a support from Japan is needed. Currently, 2 member NGOs are preparing to deliver goods such as mosquito bed nets, blankets, tents, clothes and sanitary goods for the affected people who lost their households.

JPF will provide prompt support at the time of emergency in association with its member NGOs. The further updates will be posted on our website and Facebook.

Lao PDR, Flash Flooding in Sanamxay District, Office of the UN Resident Coordinator (OCHA) Situation Report No. 05, as of 1 August 2018
map:LAO PDR, Sanamxay District/Attapu Province, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Published 03 August 2018

About Us: Specified Nonprofit Corporation Japan Platform

JJapan Platform (JPF) was established as a new structure of NGOs in 2000. NGOs, business communities, and the government of Japan came together in partnership to provide prompt and efficient emergency humanitarian aid to affected people local and worldwide and deliver various supports for the member NGOs. Since our establishment in 2000, we have implemented more than 1300 humanitarian aid projects totaling 56 billion yen in 47 countries and regions, and built relationship by boosting cooperation between enterprises and NGOs while reporting securely.
We share information and provide various supports to our 42 member NGOs, who have their own expertise and strength, and build aid projects together. When we launched the support program for the Eastern Japan earthquake disaster, more than 70 Billion yen was funded from the private sector, wherein JPF contributed for the reconstruction of the systems, by supporting the local NGOs with the regional corporate organizations and intermediate support organizations in the affected areas.

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