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JAPAN PLATFORM - A New Cooperation of NGOs, Business Community, and National Government

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About Us - What is JPF ?

Today, more than 50 countries around the world are suffering from frequent outbreaks of regional conflicts. Consequently, one person in one hundred fifteen have become refugees and internally displaced persons, who are in need of international support. In addition, a series of natural disasters in every part of the world is producing numerous victims. For national governments, international organizations, and international NGOs, quality enhancement and reinforcement of international emergency aid has become the most immediate priority.

Japan Platform (JPF) is an international emergency humanitarian aid organization which offers more effective and prompter emergency aid, in response to the world situation, focusing the issues of refugees and natural disaster. JPF conducts such aid with a tripartite cooperation system where NGOs, business community, and government of Japan work in close cooperation, based on equal partnership, making the most of the respective sectors’ characteristics and resources.

The revenue source of this “PLATFORM-foundation” is composed of public and private funding: government fund-raising as well as donations from business community and citizens. Therefore, NGOs are able to get expenditures for initial response to implement emergency aid, immediately and directly, from the foundation, and go to the site promptly to start the aid activities timely.

As for business community, “Nippon Keidanren -Japan Business Federation” has initiated to support JPF. This support will be expected to actualize the respective member companies’ participatory contribution through offering their technology, equipment, staff, and information. Also, in order to enhance the transparency and accountability of JPF, we invite media, private foundations, and academic society for their participation and cooperation. We aim to build a system to cope with international emergency aid together with all the parties concerned. That, we believe, is our challenge to facilitate the development of Japanese civil society in the 21st century.

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