Emergency Response for Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza


Helping People Affected by Sandstorms in Mongolia

August 2021

Save the Children Japan (SCJ), a JPF member NGO, is providing support to sandstorm victims in Mongolia.
In order to provide gers (mobile homes), hygiene kits, and cash transfers to support livelihoods, SCJ is preparing to identify beneficiaries who are in need of more support, and checked the quality of the gers to be distributed by visiting the factories of procurement companies. SCJ is also preparing pamphlets to provide information on psychological first aid (PFA) for children. The pamphlet will include information on how parents and caregivers can help children who are suffering from psychological burdens caused by this disaster.

JPF Member NGOs' Support to the Gaza Strip

24th July 2021 20:00

Even after the ceasefire in May, airstrikes have been carried out in the Gaza Strip, causing a lot of damage.
JPF member NGOs have started to provide emergency support to those affected by the conflict. We are distributing supplies to those who lack daily necessities such as food and hygiene products, and providing medical support to those who were injured in the armed attack and to the disabled.

Emergency Assistance to the Gaza Strip

20th July 2021

In addition to the ongoing humanitarian assistance to Palestine and Gaza, JPF has launched a new program "Emergency Response for Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza" in consideration of the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip due to the clashes with Israel in May, and has started the following projects. We will continue to report on the projects supported by member NGOs through our website and SNS.

CCP: Emergency medical and livelihood support project for the disabled and vulnerable households affected by the armed attack in the Gaza Strip in May 2021
PARCIC: Livelihood restoration support for affected farmers in Gaza Strip
PWJ: Support for distribution of goods to victims of conflict in the Gaza Strip

Decision to Launch

1st June 2021 20:31

  • A building destroyed by the air strike ©PARCICA building destroyed by the air strike ©PARCIC

On May 28, JPF has decided to launch an emergency response for the displaced people in Gaza in the Palestinian Territories, which has been devastated by the recent Israeli attacks.
Due to the damage caused by the recent airstrikes on the Gaza, there is a need for further support in the areas of water and sanitation, healthcare, food, and education, etc. Therefore, we have launched a new support program and will work with member NGOs and local partner organizations to quickly provide assistance to prevent the worsening of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.
Updates on our program will be reported on the JPF website as well as through its Facebook account.

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●1 June 2021 (Press Release)

On May 28, Japan Platform (hereafter referred to as JPF; Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has decided to launch an emergency response for the displaced people in Gaza in the Palestinian Territories, which has been devastated by the recent Israeli attacks.



    From May 10 until the ceasefire on May 21, the Israeli military conducted air strikes and bombardment across the entire Gaza Strip, where two million people live. By May 27, there were 256 casualties, 66 of whom were children, and approximately 2,000 wounded. 113,000 people were displaced and forced to take shelter in a host community or one of the 59 educational facilities run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). In addition, over 2,000 homes have been completely destroyed or severely damaged by the air raids*.
  • Medical institutions are overwhelmed, as they must treat the wounded in addition to patients with COVID-19. Although the fighting has stopped, damage to the infrastructure is causing power outages that last 18 to 20 hours every day, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. There is also a shortage of fuel to supply energy through generators, making it difficult to provide healthcare services. Furthermore, WASH facilities including water systems, sewer systems and wells have also been affected by the shortage in electricity, causing the water supply to Gaza to decrease and leaving 800,000 people without access to safe water*.
  • There is also concern of heightened levels of psychosocial stress among the population as a result of the air strikes and the risks of encountering explosive remnants of war (ERW). In addition, 58 schools have been damaged by air strikes, and the 59 UNRWA-run schools that over 70,000 people were taking shelter in need to be repaired before they can reopen. The provisioning of safe educational opportunities for children is an urgent issue as this has already been repeatedly disturbed due to the pandemic*.
  • JPF began its assistance to Palestine in August 2014 and continues to deliver aid through its program, Humanitarian Assistance for Palestine/Gaza. The damage caused by the latest air raids against Gaza has created further need for assistance in WASH, healthcare, food and education, and in response, JPF has decided to launch a new program to swiftly deliver aid along with its member NGOs and local partner organizations, to prevent the humanitarian crisis in this region from further escalation. Updates on our program will be reported on the JPF website as well as through its Facebook account.

*: OCHA, Response to the escalation in the oPt, Situation Report No. 1 (21-27 May 2021)

Program Overview

Program overview will be revised as needed to reflect the continuously changing conditions and needs

Period Six months
Budget 159,296,218 yen (government funding)
Location Gaza
Content of program Protection, shelter, NFI, food, healthcare, WASH, education, etc.