Assistance for Venezuelan Migrants and Refugees


PLAN Providing Livelihood Assistance for Venezuelans in Peru

28th February 2020 21:00


As a JPF grant project, JPF member NGO PLAN International (PLAN) is implementing a protection project in the cities of Piura and Cusco, Peru, for the migrants and refugees from Venezuela and for the host community members. PLAN continues to work in these two Peruvian cities where many from Venezuela live, and they have been providing daily essential items, feminine hygiene products, and crime-prevention items as well as hosting child-friendly spaces (CFSs) there. In January, they have also distributed winter clothes. We hope that there will be improvements in the lives of people from Venezuela in Peru now who are far away from home.

PLAN’s Livelihood Assistance in Two Peruvian Cities

31st January 2020 10:00

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As a JPF grant project, JPF member NGO Plan International Japan (PLAN) has been implementing a protection project for Venezuelan migrants and refugees and host community residents in the cities of Piura and Cusco in Peru. Political turmoil persists in the South American nation of Venezuela. With schools and hospitals closing have closed, rapid rise in prices due to hyperinflation, and lack of goods, people’s lives have become extremely difficult and many have had to flee to neighboring countries. PLAN has been working in the two Peruvian cities of Piura and Cusco where many people from Venezuela are now living.

In addition to distributing daily necessities, PLAN is providing feminine hygiene products, giving crime-prevention items, and hosting child-friendly spaces where the children can play safely. People have left Venezuela, rode on buses, and walked to finally arrive in Peru, but life is far from easy there. We hope that this project would help make life a little less difficult for them each and every day.

For more on PLAN’s project, please visit here:

PLAN's Program to Protect Venezuelan Migrants and Refugees in Peru

24th December 2019 19:30


Plan International Japan (PLAN), a JPF member NGO, is responding to the ongoing flow of people fleeing the increasingly chaotic situations in Venezuela through the "Protection for Venezuelan Migrants, Refugees, and Host Community Residents in Piura and Cusco, Peru" Program. For the migrants and refugees in these two regions in Peru, PLAN is providing feminine hygiene products, giving crime-prevention items, and hosting child-friendly spaces. Staff from Japan have been sent to Peru for this program and are engaging in its operations there.

Read PLAN's report here:

Assistance for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela: State of Aid Provision Among UN Agencies, by OCHA

26th November 2019 22:00

JPF has been supporting the refugees and migrants from Venezuela in response to the ongoing flow of people leaving the country to flee domestic turmoil.

According to the September Situation Report published by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) in November, there are about 7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance due to this crisis. OCHA’s target population from the Humanitarian Response Plan 2019 is 2.6 million people.

In terms of aid that have been provided, as of September 2019, 149,000 people have been provided access to safe drinking water, while 35,000 students have received educational services. Additionally, over 20,000 people have received specialized protection, and 50,000 people have received distributions of food and other relief items.

A total of 223 million dollars would be required to implement the Humanitarian Response Plan 2019. However, as of November 14, only 157.9 million has been received, resulting in a shortage of funds necessary to execute activities included in this plan.

OCHA’s report on Venezuela can be found here:

On June 21, 2019, Japan Platform (JPF) decided to launch the assistance program for refugees and migrants from Venezuela, where many continue to flee the country to escape the increasing civic unrest.


  • Political and socioeconomic conditions have been deteriorating in Venezuela. People's lives are in crisis as they had to withstand large-scale power and water outages caused by poor maintenance of power plants, severe shortages of food and medicine, worsening hyperinflation, and closing of medical facilities and schools as the oil-dependent nation struggled with the aftermath of plummeting oil prices. Spread of infectious diseases and deteriorating security compelled many Venezuelans to leave the country, with around 4.3 million*1 already having left as of August 2019. This is the worst humanitarian crisis in history in the South American and Caribbean region.
  • Refugees and migrants from Venezuela have arrived in Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Brazil, among which Columbia and Peru have welcomed the most with about 1.4 million and 860 thousand Venezuelans respectively as of August 2019*1. Given the budget, JPF has determined at this time to assist refugees and migrants in Peru only, although we may re-evaluate our target populations in the future.
  • Majority of Venezuelan refugees and migrants entering Peru originally headed for Lima*2, but with such high volumes concentrated in the capital city, it has become increasingly difficult to find housing and jobs. Consequently, many have gone to provincial cities instead, staying with friends and acquaintances and working low-wage jobs as street vendors or in factories there.
  • With urgent need to provide assistance to the most vulnerable among the refugees and migrants - i.e. unaccompanied and separated children, female-headed households, and people with disabilities and chronic illnesses - JPF decided in June 2019 to support those currently in Peru. Beginning in September, JPF member NGOs have assisted the Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Peru as well as the residents of the local Peruvian host communities, providing them with daily essential items and information that would facilitate their protection.
  • As the unrest in the country was predicted to intensify and prolong which met the JPF dispatch criteria, JPF decided to launch the assistant program.

JPF will work with the local government and our member NGOs on damage and needs assessment as we bring prompt emergency relief that meet the needs on the ground. Further updates will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page.

*1 Response for Venezuelans (R4V), Latin America and the Caribbean: Venezuelan refugees & migrants in the region - As of August 2019 (5 August 2019)
*2 R4V, GTRM Peru, Situation Report June 2019 (30 June 2019)

Program Overview

Term September 1, 2019 - February 29, 2020
Budget 60 million yen (Government Subsidies)
Locations Multiple locations within Peru
Content Distribution of non-food items (NFIs) for Venezuelan refugees and Peruvian host community residents, information provision to facilitate protection