Sierra Leone
Response to Sierra Leone Landslides and Floods 2017
August 2017~

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On 22 August, Japan Platform (JPF) launched emergency humanitarian assistance "Response to Sierra Leone Landslides and Floods 2017"
On the outskirts of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone in West Africa, massive landslides and floods have been triggered by monsoon heavy rain that has been continued since 13 August. It is reported that hundreds of houses in Regent and Kamayama have been buried, and death toll has reached 493 people *1, the number of missing persons exceeds 600 people *2. However, these figures are by no means verified.

The affected area is steep, the ground is loose due to torrential rain, so the search & rescue operation and debris removal work are extremely difficult.. Also, it is highly concerned about outbreak of water-borne diseases such as cholera, due to deterioration of sanitary conditions.
JPF has continued to gather information from the United Nations etc. to respond the disaster in the light of needs on the ground. However, it has decided that emergency assistance is necessary, considering the situation described above and there is high possibility of further damages.  We will grant funds to member NGOs to initiate relief projects accordingly.

※1:Sierra Leone: Landslide and Floods Situation Update no.5 22 August 2017

Program overview

Period 3 months
Budget 30million JPY
Contents Distribution of food and NFIs, improving sanitary situation and hygiene promotion
Location Affected area by landslides and floods in Serra Leone