Northern Kyushu Japan
Emergency Response to Northern Kyushu Flood 2017
July 2017~

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Since 5 July, record-setting heavy rain had been hitting the northern part of Kyushu and caused floods over wide area between the border of Fukuoka and Oita prefectures. On 13 July, Japan Platform (hereinafter referred to JPF; Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) , has decided to launch the emergency response program for this severe situation of floods and landslide. At the same time, JPF has started to widely appeal for donation.

Program overview

Program Title Emergency Response to Northern Kyushu Flood 2017
Period 3 months
Budget 20 million JPY
Content Management support for evacuation center / volunteer center, Support for in-home evacuees, etc.
Location Asakura city, Fukuoka Prefecture etc

*The programme budget and period may be revised in the context of actual situation on the ground.

  • JPF secretariat and member NGOs (PWJ, HuMA and more) immediately conducted initial assessment on 6 July. The dispatched teams went to most of the affected areas such as Asakura city, Toho village, Soeda town in Fukuoka and Hita city in Oita.
  • As a result of the assessment, needs gaps were appeared. One of the needs gaps which JPF identified was that the number of support / management staffs for evacuation centers and volunteer centers were not sufficient. Also JPF is presuming that assistance needs for the affected people who cannot come to evacuation centers at unsecure home (in-home evacuees), will rise after a while.
  • JPF will make use of our strengths acquired by supporting a lot of people all over the world, while considering those who are vulnerable in disasters such as elderly people, women, children, people with disabilities. The projects which will start shortly after approval, are strongly encouraged to implement under mutual communication / coordination with counterpartners working together for the affected communities.