2018.10.03 Press Release
Determined Emergency Response to Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia, Sulawesi ~More than 1200 died, 62,000 displaced~
2018.09.08 Press Release
Japan Platform to launch Emergency Response to Hokkaido Earthquake -Dispatched initial emergency survey team to the afflicted areas and swiftly assessing needs; begins call for donations-
2018.08.15 Press Release
Determined to support the affected people of the earthquake of Lombok Island, Indonesia ~ more than 400 died, 27,000 houses destroyed ~
2018.08.08 Press Release
Supporting affected people of the Western Japan floods: The Kenyan government has gifted 2 tons of Tea. The same will be delivered as a considerate gesture from Kenya.
2018.08.06 Press Release
Determined to support the affected people of the Laos torrent and dam collapse ~13,000 citizens affected, 6000 yet displaced ~
2018.07.10 Topics
Emergency Response to Western Japan Floods
2018.06.01 Topics
Message from the New Co-Chairs
2017.10.20 Topics
Emergency Response for People Fleeing Myanmar -Shortage in assistance as over 500,000 cross the border and 800,000 face a humanitarian crisis-
2017.08.23 Topics
Japan Platform (JPF) launched emergency humanitarian assistance "Response to Sierra Leone Landslides and Floods 2017"
2017.08.23 Topics
Japan Platform (JPF) launched emergency humanitarian assistance " Response to South Asia Floods 2017 - Nepal, India, Bangladesh
2017.07.13 Press Release
Emergency Response to Northern Kyushu Flood 2017 Implemented and started to call for donation by JAPAN PLATFORM (JPF) International Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Organisation
2017.07.10 Topics
JPF staff are now investigating flood disaster situation in Fukuoka and Oita
2017.06.16 Press Release
Japan Platform to launch humanitarian assistance for displaced people due to firefights in Mindanao island and begin calls for donations - Over 290,000 evacuated people in need of emergency assistance -
2017.06.07 Press Release
Japan Platform to launch the 2017 Assistance to Victims of the Sri Lanka Floods and begin calls for donations -More than 680,000 disaster victims in need of emergency assistance-
2017.04.13 Press Release
JPF to deliver additional emergency assistance in response to Famine in South Sudan Calls for donations reinforced -Five million people face severe food crisis※1, 270,000 children at risk of death from malnutrition※2-
2017.03.10 Press Release
Members of the EAA are raising the alarm and serious concern over the unprecedented situation where drought and famine are threatening East Africa, Northern Nigeria, and Yemen
2016.12.19 Press Release
English version of press release "International NGO Japan Platform (JPF) Signs an MoU with Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) on Disaster Management Collaboration"
2016.10.17 Topics
English version of JPF Annual Report "Aid to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake 2015 " has been launched (PDF)
2016.07.13 Topics
The Japan Platform basic information leaflet(English ver.) (PDF 1.4MB) has been updated.
2016.05.18 Topics
JPF 15th Anniversary Special Roundtable Talk:A platform that connects civil society actors, delivering humanitarian aid abroad and within Japan
2015.11.16 Event
JPF Symposium "Fukushima Emergency Appeal - What's happening? What can we do? -"
  • Emergency Appeals Alliance
  • NGO Capacity Building Program
  • 国際協力NGOジャパン・プラットフォーム 公式ツイッター
  • 国際協力NGOジャパン・プラットフォーム 東日本被災者支援 国内事業部ツイッター